Screening is for my safety and yours. Discretion is paramount and I delete all personal information after we have met.

My preferred method of verification is to hear from two or more companions you’ve spent time with. I must be able to verify your references are legitimate, so they must be currently active, and have an online presence.


No references? No problem! I welcome newbies! I’ll just need more information from you to ensure my safety (and the safety of those I spend time with).

If you would rather send an email with information instead of filling out a form, please send an email to my assistant at elisemckenzie at

If you'd like me to call you something other than your "real" name.
real age required for screening purposes
For our correspondence
For our communication (text only)
During initial vetting process, my assistant Elise will be contacting you via email regardless of preference.
Are you a member of any of these sites? If you don't know what they are, then skip this.
What's your handle on USA, TER, EM, P411?
For Screening Purposes Only - Include the name of your business, along with your position/title.
For Screening when you do not have references. Please include any phone etiquette or cover to use when calling. This number must be a public facing number, or a phone registered to you.
For Screening Purposes Only - Include your business website, LinkedIN, Facebook, or other web presence.
If you have two or more references, you are not required to fill out business info.
If you have two references, you are not required to fill out business info. Sage Greene's profileAdultLook